Thursday, December 12, 2013

Will the New Indie Ebook Store Libiro Attract Readers?

I've had my eye on the new indie ebook online store Libiro for about a month. It's out of the UK and operated by Ben Galley and Teague Fullick. This retail ebook store distinguishes itself with its goal to build a 100% indie published catalog. I'm always interested in placing my titles in any viable retail space, but I've learned not to jump too quick at an opportunity. I want Libiro to become a successful magnet for readers who like alternative choices to the tightly defined fiction formulas and genres from mainstream publishers. Adding my titles at Libiro is on my to do list, but I have to be careful with my time. It will take some effort on my part to add all of my work, and I don't want that to be wasted effort on a startup that will fizzle.

It's not that I don't trust the new company. I'm sure that Libiro will pay me for sales.  But I'm not sure how it will attract a customer base. I'm not saying it's impossible. I'm syndicating this interview with Libiro co-founder Ben Galley to help the store gain attention. I think readers should give Libiro a chance to deliver great indie reads. Self published titles have a paucity of options for getting any merchandising love in big retail stores. This means that when you're browsing for something to read at a major retail site you won't see us. So, I very much support this store dedicated to making it easy for readers to discover all the overlooked gems that are out there. Keep in mind that indie does not mean bad. All the publishers in the world cannot accommodate all the talented fiction writers out there. That's why we have to self publish.
Do you like indie books? Then Libiro might be the store for you. Learn more in this interview with Libiro’s co-founder. (via
While indie books and their authors are gaining a foothold in terms of legitimacy and popularity among readers, there are still few commercial champions of the indie movement. Ben Galley would like to change that, and with his new online marketplace…