Sunday, January 19, 2014

C.M. Michaels Begins Publishing New Vampire Trilogy Sisters in Blood

I ran across a new release announcement from an urban fantasy author who grew up in Northern Michigan. C.M. Michaels now lives in Kentucky, but he's still a Midwesterner working hard to craft his inspirations into stories for others. Authors are everywhere, and many talented people surround you no matter where you live. Read about his new vampire book Dangerous Waters available for kindle and in paperback.

Gritty New Series Takes a Bite out of Vampire Genre (via SBWire)

From author C.M. Michaels, ‘Dangerous Waters’ kicks off the “Sisters in Blood” trilogy, an edgy urban fantasy series. Telling the tale of a not-so-typical college freshman whose destiny may well impact all of mankind, fans are already buzzing…