Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Vintage Doctor Who Paperbacks Are a Beloved Part of Print Collection

What makes me keep a book instead of putting it in the garage sale? What makes something worthy of shelf space?

Many reasons motivate people to add books to their collections. A big influence in my print collection is sentimental value. I keep the book because I have a strong emotional connection with the book's content and the memories attached to the book as a physical object.

My beloved little Doctor Who paperbacks are a perfect example. I've never been able to part with them over the decades. I even cringe at the thought of listing them on Etsy where I actively sell vintage books for fun.

I'm a Doctor Who fan to this day, but when I was a kid I could only watch it when the local PBS station broadcast them. There was no unlimited access on Netflix. DVDs did not exist.

So I turned to books. I can't even remember how old I was when I got these books. I guess I was about 12 or 13. Even though I had seen the episodes of these stories on television, I still loved reading them. The book is always better that the movie right?

Pictured above are these titles:

By Terrance Dicks

Doctor Who and the Giant Robot
Death to the Daleks
And the Day of the Daleks
And the Abominable Snowmen
And the Horror of Fang Rock

And the Masque of Mandragora by Philip Hinchcliffe
And the Green Death by Malcolm Hulke

These books make me happy every time I see them and that's reason enough to keep them.

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