Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Smashwords Ebook Deals $2.99 and Less

Smashwords Deals for the week of January 22nd

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Browse my bargain ebook picks this week from Smashwords. All ebooks are available internationally in your choice of format.

Hilda Extreme: Book 12 Hilda the Wicked Witch

Paul Kater

Fantasy Humor

Only $2.99 no coupon needed

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As usual Hilda and William run into adventures, and this time into severe problems as well. They will find out what it takes to go against a witch we know, in a very extreme way! What would you do with 150 horses?

Yvie Towers

African American Historical Romance

Only $2.99 no coupon needed

Lily’s a young woman with a tragic past and an uncertain future. Julian’s a man with a questionable past and a seemingly bright future. When the two of them meet, their worlds collide, blurring the lines between slave and master, freedom and subjection, and even love and hate.

Poor Man in a Rich Man's World

Aaron Bearup

Self Help Personal Finance

Only $0.99 no coupon needed

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Financially speaking, times are tough for nearly everyone right now. Spending less money than you make is a more challenging proposition than ever before. Within a framework of lighthearted personal stories and an analysis of current economic and social conditions, this book offers advice on how to spend less than you make on a monthly basis without hindering your quality of life.

Happy Reading!

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