Monday, February 3, 2014

OMNIA is looking for an extra musician

I discovered OMNIA this summer on YouTube. I like to watch music videos on YouTube and I was impressed by this band that created a genre it calls pagan folk. After poking around the band's website I joined the mailing list. Today I received this announcement that they are looking for an extra musician. And it's a paying gig! I'm sharing the job posting below so maybe the right person will see this.

Have You got what it takes to be an OMNIA-EARTH WARRIOR?
'cause OMNIA is looking for an extra musician!!... Could it be YOU?

-OMNIA wants to meet some extra Musicians to join us on tour throughout the stages of the world this coming year... Do YOU Wanna join OMNIA?
OMNIA is a professional band of hard-working weirdos ,we do crazy tours, we're on a mission and we have loads of fun too!... we have created our own genre of musick called "PaganFolk" , taking the voice of Mother Earth and playing it pure and sweet for the mutant monkeys everywhere we go ... (and incidentally , because we are a "working-band" ... we can also pay well, and we always take care of our own!)

...Are YOU a really amazing musician who likes a challenge? ... Do You like OMNIA musick?... Can you play musick "the old-fashioned hard way" ie: on REAL, ACOUSTIC instruments? (no extra playback, no flashy effects, just a lot of skill)...
Are you really groovy?... Do you have stage experience?... do you understand even-rythms aswell as odd-rythms? ... are you available for touring with OMNIA starting in April 2014?... yes?... OK... what we're looking for is this:

- A very good experienced Guitarplayer
(either: Country/ Folk DADGAD / Folk-rock steelstring-style or Spanish/ Flamenco/ Classical nylon-string-style)

-A very good experienced Bouzouki/ Mandolin/ Banjo player (Country / Folk)

-A very good experienced Accordeon player ( gypsy-style)

-A very good experienced fiddle-player (Gypsy / eastern European or Irish/Scottish Folk)

-A very good experienced Hurdy Gurdy -player (European folk style)

-A very good experienced hammered Dulcimer player (Eastern European style)

Having a good singing voice to harmonize with us is a definite plus, too.

Can you do just one of the above things AMAZINGLY well?
(or even better)
Can you do two or more of the above thingz really fucking well?
Do you live on (or close to) the Dutch-German or Dutch-Belgian border?

Then the new OMNIA musician could be YOU! ...

So If You think you are the one... write us about yourself!
Who are you? : name, age , gender (include a photo or video)
what are your exact skills?
what is your experience on stage up to now?
and don't forget to include a link to video and sound material of you playing your instruments!

write to: with the header message:
and if your application looks serious, OMNIA will be in touch...

Greenthingz on Musickal wingz!
Shaman SteveSic, Jenny, Daphyd, Rob and the whole OMNIA family

ps: please share this message as much as possible on the internet!
(even if you are not a musician) Thanx groovy guys and girls!