Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Smashwords Deals February 12th Valentine's Day Sucks and 2 Wintry Romances

I'm back with some new Smashwords bargain ebook picks this week.

Smashwords Deals for the week of February 12th

Winter: Eternal Solstice (Part 1)

Sakinah Rasheed

Young Adult Fantasy

FREE - no coupon needed

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Set in England during the early 19th century, the story of Winter is told from the perspectives of several characters, including the antagonist.

Valentine's Day Sucks

Michele Bardsley

Paranormal Romance Short Story

$1.99 - no coupon needed

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When a mischievous pixie grants a love wish to a reluctant human, it's gonna take more than Cupid and his arrows to fix to a broken heart. 

Nikita Rae

Contemporary Romance

$2.99 - no coupon needed

Luke Reid has a lot going for him: sex appeal, badass tattoos and insane musical talent. A NYPD cop by day, singer in rock band D.M.F by night, from the outside Luke seems like he’s got it made. But falling hard for a girl whose father was accused of deeply sinister acts—a man whom Luke shares a devastating history with, himself—only serves to complicated things. 

Happy Reading!

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