Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Werewolves in the Renaissance Blog Tour Schedule

Thank you to all the generous bloggers who joined the Werewolves in the Renaissance blog tour for Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale. I sold four copies of the paperback over the weekend while exhibiting my novels at AlmaCon and readers were enthusiastic about the concept. I'm not the only one fascinated by Renaissance history and mixing it with paranormal characters made a fun creative playground for me.

On the tour I will be sharing interesting tidbits from my historical research for the novel. My interview on the HowlOutCast is already live so you can go listen to it. (See list below).

Every stop on the tour will also offer these great coupon discounts for the ebook and paperback.


$3.99 (kindle, epub, or pdf) Available worldwide from Brave Luck Books
Save 25% - enter discount code WLT25 at checkout here http://www.falbepublishing.com/braveluck/werelord-thal.html (expires 3/31)

$12.99 (6x9 trade paperback 356 pages)
Save 20% - enter discount code CU9KJ3E3 at checkout here https://www.createspace.com/4514070 

Blog Tour Schedule

January 28th (early bird) - HowlOutCast werewolf theme podcast
Author Interview

February 12th - Susan Stuckey
Author Interview

February 13th - The Kronicles of Korthlundia
The Medicinal Herb Garden of the Witch in Werelord Thal (Plus a review by Jamie Marchant)
February 18th - Mathew Reuther

Hammer of the Witches and a Brief History of Crime Investigation in Western Society

February 19th - The Vaetra Files 
The Historic Quarters of Prague

February 20th - Worlds of Magic and Adventure
Primero and the Rise of Card Games in the Renaissance

February 21st - Alesha L. Escobar 
Gypsies in Renaissance Europe

February 24th - Disciple of the Fount  
The Holy Roman Empire is Full of Rebels

February 26th - Wandering Around the Words
The Role of the Condottieri Mercenary Captains in the Renaissance

March 2nd - Art and Tree Chatter of Aquariann
Humanity's Love of Handcrafting

March 13th - Illusions of Intimacy
Researching a Novel with Help from My Favorite Renaissance Artists

Read the 4-chapter preview of Werelord Thal: