Saturday, March 15, 2014

History Told Through Social Media in Hashtag Histories

Since I recently started helping other authors distribute their press releases I've had the pleasure of encountering new subject matter. Philip Gibson author of Hashtag Histories has developed an intriguing format for telling 20th century history. He develops tweets and facebook posts from key historical figures like Hitler, Churchill, Kennedy, Castro, and others. The idea stems from wondering what it would have been like if social media had been present for famous historical events.

In the excerpts I got to read they were totally addictive and very well crafted. See the rest about his Hashtag Histories in his press release below.

Tweets from Hitler and Others Stream Hashtag Histories in New Kindle Series (via SBWire)

Philip Gibson introduces a new literary format after asking: What if social media had existed in the 20th century? In his Hashtag Histories series for Kindle #Berlin45, #Tokyo45 and #Havana62 a dramatic first person view of history emerges from the…