Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Kobo Ereading App for Windows 8 Notebooks, Tablets, and Desktops

I'm passing along this article about the newest ereading app for Windows from Kobo. I just got my January sales reports for Kobo and I had a bit of an uptick in sales at Kobo. Mostly from Canada and New Zealand readers but also a few from the United States and Australia. I'm happy to reach readers anywhere and my thanks to those Kobo customers who bought either my fantasy series or cookbooks. (Hey writers can be good cooks too.)

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Kobo Launches eReading App Designed for Windows 8 Notebooks, Tablets and Desktops (via PRWeb)
Kobo’s free, top-ranked eReading application brings more than 4 million titles with a customizable reading experience to North American readers. “...The Kobo for Windows app is designed to make Kobo content come alive on Windows devices,” said…