Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Smashwords Ebook Deals This Week

Smashwords Deals for the Week of March 5th

Smashwords provides ebooks in multiple formats to an international audience.

Peter R. Stone

Science Fiction

$2.99 $1.49 Get 50% off with coupon code PX86K
Expires 3/12

"Eighteen-year-old Ethan Jones lives in Newhome, a town built upon the decaying ruins of post-apocalyptic Melbourne, ruins haunted by the ferocious Skel.

After he rescues a Japanese teenage girl from the Skel, she goes to great lengths to ingratiate herself into his life. But is it in gratitude for saving her life or is she seeking something more?"

Oak Seer (A supernatural mystery)
Graham Higson

Occult Horror

$2.99 $1.49 50% off with coupon code BQ63Y
expires 3/9/14

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Womaniser Jack Briscoe is stricken with visions from the past. He can no longer work, nor can he perform. An ancient Pagan artefact lusts for women's blood, and in a desperate bid to save them he sets off to the remote Scottish Highlands where the past, and a ruthless enemy, await him.
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