Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bring Me Your Children...So I Can Tell Them a Story

I've written a children's book Bear Dog Dog Bear

 I have grade school age children and they wanted me to write something for them. Also last year I gave a talk about writing to all the third graders at my son's school and they wanted me to make something for them too. All my other novels are at a higher level meant for older teens and adults, but it was admittedly fun to turn my skills toward writing a children's book. I'm personally happy with the result. As a mother I've waded through a lot of chapter books with my kids that I think are just mind-numbing drivel, so I'm sure I topped that.

My son Curtis Falbe who is 10 years old provided the artwork for the cover. I guess I've reached that point in my career when I inflict the creations of my children on the public. Cool! 

In the coming weeks, I'll be publishing this story as an ebook and paperback...if I can ever get done with my kids' laundry. 

About Bear Dog Dog Bear

Daniel Wood and his family are getting a puppy. A black German Shepherd puppy to be precise. His dad already picked her out on the internet, and they are on the road to the breeder’s house at the end of a long creepy country road into the woods. It looks like a woods where bears might live, but no one is thinking about that when disaster strikes the puppy barn.

This cheerful chapter book brings the wild into suburban Cherry Park and sets a puppy loose in the countryside. Daniel has no idea what is happening until the truth is broadcast on the evening news and a video of his dad wrestling a bear cub hits YouTube.

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