Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New 5 star Review of Rys Rising on Kindle Praises Character Development

As an author it's always a special moment when a reader contacts me to say how much she enjoyed my novel. In a personal email Julia P. told me that she had just finished reading Rys Rising: Book I and was looking forward to the rest of the series.

She also left this nice 5-star review in the Kindle store for Rys Rising: Book I on April 18th.

I'm glad that she praised Rys Rising: Book I for being a "true novel not a 200 page attempt to get me to buy the next in the series."

The first book of the Rys Rising series is over 175,000 words of hard-hitting epic fantasy that sprawls across two civilizations and includes two magical races the rys and the tabre. Although it of course sets up the story for the next 3 books in the series, it contains a complete story arc. My novels always have a complete story within them but are of course intended to leave you wanting more. The wanting more comes from caring about the characters or at least being fascinated by them. I strive to bring characters alive in readers' heads so that they will wonder about their futures.

Rys Rising: Book I is a $2.99 ebook at numerous retailers.

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