Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jennifer Aqualaney Announces New Jason Jetson Novel

Jennifer Aqualaney of Boston, Massachusetts announced this week that she is officially writing the sequel to JJ, the first book of the Jason Jetson Trilogy.

She intends to complete the manuscript by September 1st.

At her blog Wednesday Aqualaney wrote:

"It’s an ambitious goal, I know. The second book promises to be almost twice the length of the first. I’m going at it NaNoWriMo style, with a goal of 1500 words per day.


About JJ:

JJ is your typical teenage Enchanter just months after his thirteenth birthday. He’s brought before the Panel of Assessors to be tested and tiered and assigned to a magical institute based on his creativity and talent.

When JJ surprises everyone with his range of Abilities (Holy crap, is that a bear?!) he finds himself whisked from his sunny LA home all the way across the country to where it all began: Salem.

Salem School of Magic becomes his safe haven. He meets other Enchanters and hones his skills, but even they don’t know all his secrets. A freak among freaks with a talent for trouble. Studying late in the labs one night he falls prey to an accident that lands him in the hospital. There JJ meets Eve, a mysterious girl with a dark past, and the two hit it off immediately. Finally, here, with her, he can be himself. He can breathe easy – for now.

Visit Jennifer's blog to follow her writing progress.