Saturday, May 17, 2014

Werelord Thal is a Different Kind of Werewolf Book

I recently had a nice review come in at Amazon for Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale. The reader was glad to find a different kind of werewolf book. She obviously likes werewolf fiction but was looking for something new and interesting. She went on to kindly call Werelord Thal "Highly recommended to fans of werewolf tales."

So what's different about Werelord Thal?

The difference mostly comes from the fact that I am indie author so I write what I want. I'm not trying to copy anyone or follow a formula. When it comes to werewolf fiction, readers aren't in love with a formula so much as they love wolves. Werewolf fiction is about our recognition of similarities between our species and wolves. We realize part of us is an animal and that does not have to be a bad thing. Wolves are highly emotional and care very much for their family members.

Werelord Thal is also set in Renaissance Europe. The year is 1561 and Thal finds himself in the Holy Roman Empire on his way to Prague to avenge the brutal execution of his witch mother. I love studying Renaissance history and found it to be a great historical period to set a paranormal fantasy. The folklore of the time was full of werewolves and witches, so I made them come to life.

I discovered that there was no "Renaissance" category for historical fiction when I published Werelord Thal. (I guess being an indie also means that I don't study the market like I should.) I never expected this hole in the categories because Renaissance faires are certainly common and widespread, but no Renaissance fiction? I can only hope that I am starting a trend.

This happy review at Amazon also said she was hoping for a sequel. I can happily announce that I am almost done writing it. The title is Journey of the Hunted and it will be published later this year.

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