Thursday, July 3, 2014

Holiday Weekend Ebook Sale - The Rys Chronicles complete fantasy series for $8.97

The Rys Chronicles are on sale through July 7th at Kindle stores and Brave Luck Books. 

I've reduced the prices on each title from $4.95 to $2.99.

Union of Renegades is already a free read, so that means you can pick up the whole series for only $8.97 right now. You can also choose any title for $2.99.

At Brave Luck Books readers from anywhere in the world can choose Kindle, PDF, or Epub.

(Buying the PDF or Epub format at my website is a great way to get the sale price if you're reading on a tablet, iPad, Nook, or Kobo device.)

Also available for Kindle readers

The Goddess Queen - $2.99
Kindle Australia

Judgment Rising

Sale prices are active through July 7th. 

Check out what other readers of The Rys Chronicles have had to say:

Stanley B.

I am on the last novel in the The Rys Chronicles
fantasy series. I have read the series non-stop since I
purchased it. I don't know how giveaways work in the
ebook world, but once I read the first free book, I was
pretty well hooked. It's interesting, and should be an
encouragement to you, that normally I don't read
fantasy or magic books. So, I just wanted to wish you
the best and to thank you for great books.

Cody S. from Louisiana

I really did love your RYS books! I've read them twice!
Veta and Shan are two of my favorite characters
EVER! Thanks for putting them out there for us!

Teressa H.

I love your books! The human characters are so real,
my heart really goes out to them. In good times and
bad. The Rys are unlike any characters in any other
fantasy books I've ever read, and believe me, I've read
a few! I hope you keep them coming!!!!

Anna W.

Thank YOU! It is an excellent novel. I am a fantasy
writer myself, and I hope to write something just as
fantastic! Thank you for making it available online.I
have recommended it to all my friends.

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