Saturday, July 26, 2014

Indie Author Finds Inspiration in "Indie Money" Cryptocurrency

Author R. Janutka contacted me recently about his new young adult novel Revolution High Book 1: AEMPCoin. Since I recently added bitcoin acceptance to my website, he thought I would be interested in the premise of Revolution High. 

About the novel:

It is the future and growing food is heavily regulated. The moon colony infiltrates global banking, inserts a virus and wipes out all global debt. Launched from downtown New York, a rocket detonates an EMP over North America.

With dozens of nuclear power plants on the brink, the global economy vaporized and non-hardened electronics rendered useless, the food supply disappears.

Revolution High is the story of a high school trying to prevent its town from self-destructing amidst the complete collapse.  CryptoCurrency, war, peace and farming, AEMPCoin shows readers a revolutionary outcome of collapse.

You can get Revolution High at the author's website if you want to spend bitcoin or download the ebook from your favorite retailer. He has links to everything here.

Reviewers can contact the author for a free review copy too. 


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