Thursday, July 10, 2014

Judgment Rising Included in Smashwords Promotion at Romance Novel Convention

Smashwords is promoting its ebook publishing and distribution service this week at the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas. Taking place at the Golden Nugget Hotel from July 9th to 13th, the convention brings together leading authors, publishers, and fans of the romance genre.

As part of its marketing, Smashwords is giving away USB flash drives with hundreds of ebooks on them. Due to my sales through Smashwords, I was invited to add one of my titles in the romance category to the promotion.

I selected Judgment Rising: The Rys Chronicles Book III. Although my work is primarily epic fantasy, there are relationships and romance among the characters. Judgment Rising has three romantic subplots. There's the young love between Tytido and Lydea. Next, is the growing relationship between Atarek and Madame Rose Fayeth. Their rough road to friendship and maybe more is one of my favorite parts of the novel. And because this is the third book in the series, there is the continuing relationship between Dreibrand and Miranda. Judgment Rising starts five years after the close of the last novel, and Dreibrand and Miranda are now married with two children. After years of happiness, they will endure separation when war drags Dreibrand away from home.


Looking around, Atarek asked, “Where are Han and your mother?”
“Ssshh, Hanshen is sleeping and Mother is in there,” Lydea said. She turned to the fireplace and peeked at the water. She muttered that it was taking too long to heat up. Tytido stood by as an observing mute. The distracting concept of Lydea’s bath did not allow him to attempt conversation.
Atarek blithely greeted Jolen and knocked on the spare room door.
“Hello, Madame Fayeth,” he called. When he heard her muffled reply, he opened the door. “Hey, no crying, Madame. This is a happy day.” He rushed up to her and dropped to a knee. He would have looked like a wooing lover except his only offerings were liquor.
Madame Fayeth wiped her nose with a handkerchief. She noticed the flush upon Atarek’s face, and after another sniffle, said, “Atarek, do not tell me you have a drinking problem too.”
With a shameless grin, he said, “Yeah, you could say that.”
She sobbed again and hid her face in the handkerchief.
Atarek looked to Miranda for help. “Did the physician tell her something bad?” he said in a much more serious tone.
“Well, no, not really,” Miranda said. Trying to soothe Madame Fayeth, she patted the upset woman’s shoulder.
“See, Madame Fayeth, do not be upset. You have found the help you sought,” Atarek said.
Madame Fayeth pulled the handkerchief away from her face and searched it for a dry spot. After clearing her throat, she yelled, “There is something wrong with his blood!” She returned to sobbing.
Miranda alleviated Atarek’s confusion by describing Jolen’s diagnosis.
Determined to cheer up his traveling companion, Atarek pulled her out of her crying jag with his insistent pleas. “Be reasonable, Madame Fayeth. This is everything you wanted. Hanshen is doing better and you have found a rys who has actually told you what is wrong with him. And I have found my brother! You should be celebrating. I know maybe I take too much pleasure in life, but I cannot stand to see you take none at all,” he declared.
“I suppose I should be happy for making it this far,” Madame Fayeth admitted.
“Yes! Now have a drink with me to toast our mutual success,” Atarek said.
“Oh, Atarek, I do not drink,” Madame Fayeth moaned.
“But this is a very special occasion. Please, my dear sister Miranda will have one with us,” he said.
Although Miranda was not prone to drinking, she did consider that Madame Fayeth could use something to settle her nerves.
“Rose, perhaps just a sip would do you some good. You are exhausted and have been under so much strain,” Miranda coaxed.
Madame Fayeth relented in her temperance. Delighted to have corrupted her, Atarek rushed to get some cups from the kitchen before she changed her mind.

Judgment Rising may serve readers as an entry point into my Rys World novels. It introduces new characters and conflicts.

About the novel:

Continue the saga of The Rys Chronicles or join the story at this point as new adventures and challenges confront Shan and Dreibrand.

To the victors go the spoils, and Shan and Dreibrand have flourished for five years as the leaders of their respective kingdoms. Allied by friendship, they greet the future with excitement and grandiose plans.

Dreibrand counts on his relationship with Shan to protect him from the encroaching Atrophane Empire as he carefully avoids direct confrontation with his former countrymen, now under the undisputed leadership of his old rival Sandin Promentro.

But a greater malice than imperial ambition threatens the new lords of the Wilderness. The long dead civilization of Nufal, where Dreibrand and Miranda nurture their fledgling kingdom, has not forgotten the brutal genocide of its ancient war with the rys. The ghosts of Nufal may have been extinguished but their avengers remain. The inheritors of Onja’s wealth and lands will now battle the nightmare of their judgment rising.

If you're at the RNC Romance Novel Convention be sure to visit the Smashwords table and get your USB flash drive full of free ebooks.