Saturday, July 19, 2014

No Time for Summer Reading? Let Audiobooks Have Their Day in the Sun

Lazy afternoons at a scenic cabin are iconic of summer. You crave that afternoon in a hammock reading, but summer tends not to slow down for most of us. There are special events, barbeques, baseball games, and family reunions. Some alone time for reading is a challenge to come by.

Audiobooks can often feed the craving for a good story. The altertive medium of audio opens new opportunities for busy people.

If you're not finding time for that summer read, you might have space in your day for audiobooks.

- Do you have a long commute? Very few people are on vacation more than one or two weeks in the summer. Most days you'll be traveling to work. Commuters love audiobooks.

- Do you have a boring job? Some jobs are so tedious even employers allow employees to listen to music and audiobooks with headsets. Warehouse workers, data entry workers, equipment operators, and house cleaners often have their playlists to get them through the day.

- Do you have trouble reading text? Audiobooks serve the vision impaired market.

And some people like audiobooks because they offer the intimate feeling of being told a story.

For people who love a good fantasy epic full of magic, passion, and bravery but don't have time to pick up one of those "door stopper" books, audiobooks offer a fun alternative.

I just started a 50% off sale on my fantasy audiobooks Union of Renegades and The Goddess Queen. Each audiobook is only $4.47 right now at my website.

You can also find my audiobooks on Audible and iTunes. I don't set the prices there, so they might be higher or lower than my sale price. 

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