Monday, August 18, 2014

Complete Fantasy Series On Sale at iBooks Worldwide

Fantasy readers in the over 50 countries served by the Apple iBooks store have a great opportunity this month to get every part of the Rys Rising fantasy series for $0.99 each.

I write hard-hitting epics with many characters. As the saga progresses I weave together the various storylines into a stunning conclusion in the final book Love Lost.

Rys Rising: Book I in the U.S. iBooks store currently has six 5-star ratings out of six ratings.

In the Rys Rising series you'll enter a fantasy world...
- Encompassing two human civilizations.

- Where magical beings dominate human societies.

- Divided by intense rivalries.

- Where a hero endures all challenges no matter how they
darken his soul.

- Where lust and passion add to the sweetness of life.

- Driven by family loyalties.

Please see more about my novels by accessing the iBooks store below. 

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