Monday, August 4, 2014

How to Read Ebooks on Your iPhone or iPad

You're stuck in a waiting room or mass transit delay. Your iPhone or iPad thankfully gives you a way to pass  the time. If you want something more than the graffiti-babble of social media, you can enjoy a novel or study a subject that interests you by reading ebooks.

Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch have free access to the iBooks store with the iBooks app. The app is also now available for Mac desktops too for us old-fashioned types that actually do work on computers that requires more than the swiping of fingers. This ebook store is active in over 50 countries and even has plenty of free titles to offer.

Once you have access to the iBooks store you can read free samples, buy ebooks, and organize them in your iBooks library. Ebooks from the iBooks store are viewable on any iOS devices.

Access to iBooks through iTunes has also improved lately. I used to not be able to find my titles in iTunes but now I can.

I currently have 9 fantasy novels, 3 audiobooks, and my nonfiction titles at iTunes and iBooks. 

By the way, if you like epic fantasy Rys Rising: Book I has only 5-star reviews from iBooks readers. It's a great value for only $2.99. Or check out Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I at iBooks. It has 4.5 stars after 24 ratings. Union of Renegades is even free. But be warned: You might get hooked.

For reasons unknown Apple has not made the iBooks store very visible. As I mentioned iTunes was not showing iBooks until recently and the iBooks store cannot be accessed with a web browser. Despite this, it sells millions of units and even little old me makes money from there year in and year out.

Hopefully it will become a more popular and prevalent source of ebooks around the world when the new iOS 8 comes out this fall. It's going to have iBooks preloaded so it will be easy for iPhone and iPad users to browse ebooks and enjoy reading actual literature instead of rants and text messages. It's good for the brain you know.

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