Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kindle Fantasy Series Sale - All Rys Rising Ebooks 99-Cents Each at Amazon This Week

Finish the lazy days of summer with an unforgettable epic fantasy series. 

It's time to fill your Kindle with a take-no-prisoners fantasy series. All titles of the Rys Rising series are $0.99 each for a limited time in Kindle stores. These titles normally sell for $2.99 to $4.99. Rys Rising delivers a full-size saga. Three years in the lives of a big cast of characters unfold as the Age of Onja begins.

Sale prices available at Amazon US - Amazon Canada - Amazon UK - Amazon Germany - Amazon France - Amazon Australia - Amazon India

Rys Rising: Book I by Tracy Falbe

A young warrior ruined and near death is saved by Onja a mysterious rys female. Forsaking all that he was, he will take the name Amar and serve his new magical mistress. A lord among outlaws he will become, feared by kings and called the dro-shalum or curse demon by the common folk. Indulge yourself and read this sumptuous epic told from many angles.

Savage Storm (Rys Rising Book 2) by Tracy Falbe

When Onja enthralls the savage Chatapaka people of the remote north and unleashes their brutal hordes upon vulnerable Nufalese settlements, the militia is overwhelmed. Cruce Chenomet and his comrades struggle to save the fleeing settlers. Cruce quickly loses hope but keeps his courage as he confronts the savage storm.

New Religion (Rys Rising Book 3) by Tracy Falbe

Onja opens a two front campaign meant to expand her dominion over the western tribal kingdoms and bring misery and ruin to Nufal. She commands Amar to lead marauders into Nufal. Excited to be set loose upon new and foreign lands, he attacks without mercy and even dares to fight magical tabre. In the west, Onja’s holy war rages as she continues to crush old idols and remake society.

Love Lost (Rys Rising Book 4) by Tracy Falbe

In this breathtaking conclusion to the series, unleashed monsters born of cruel spells test the mettle of the sturdiest warriors. Soul wrenching chaos consumes the faith of thousands. Torn between his need to protect his secret lover and son and his legitimate family, Cruce struggles through ever worsening battles until he finally wagers his life against the most favored warlord of Onja.

Sale prices available at Amazon US - Amazon Canada - Amazon UK - Amazon Germany - Amazon France - Amazon Australia - Amazon India

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