Thursday, September 18, 2014

Looking For A Free Kobo Fantasy Book? Try Union of Renegades

Currently in the top 100 epic fantasy at Kobo Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I jumped to #87 today. It also just slipped into the top 200 in the fantasy romance category. 

As a free ebook at Kobo, Union of Renegades offers you an effortless way to try out a new series. If you like it, there are three more novels in The Rys Chronicles series. 

About Union of Renegades:

At the front lines of imperial expansion, Dreibrand Veta hoped to rebuild the fortune of his noble family, but he will have to go farther. In his daring travels he encounters the rys, a race far more powerful than the human empire that bred him.

On his journey he will meet Miranda, an unconventional heroine who will tug at your sympathies as she bravely faces adversity with all the strengths and vulnerabilities of her womanhood.

Together they will ally with the rys Shan and launch a rebellion against the Onja, the queen of the rys and Goddess to the tribal kingdoms who has ruled for over 2,000 years. 

You can see fan feedback about my novels right here at this blog. 

Union of Renegades spent most of the summer in the top 100 epic fantasy at Kobo. This is my first novel I published. I started writing it in 1997. I've written 9 more novels over the years, but people are still enjoying Union of Renegades and getting hooked on The Rys Chronicles to this day. 

I've always loved the fantasy genre, but when I decided to be an author I wanted to play with beloved themes in my own way. Dreibrand Veta the hero of The Rys Chronicles is in his early 20s, a little older than the usual teen who stars in most fantasy novels. His story is not so much a "coming of age" story. It is about a man realizing that he will never get what he wants in life by doing what he's told. 

I share the independent spirit of my hero and many of my other characters. I'm an indie author. That means I self publish my novels. It's hard to get a publisher when you don't exactly copy what is already out on the market. I made the huge mistake of not putting dragons in my fantasy series. I like dragons as much as the next person, but so far I'm not a writer of dragon stories. Then I didn't make my hero a teenager raised by his uncle on a remote farm who discovers he has magical powers and a great destiny. Oops.

In The Rys Chronicles magic is reserved for the magical rys race. That's another mistake I made. My magical race is not elves. My bad for trying to be creative. 

If you can stomach a lover of the genre who writes novels that go off the reservation a bit, then definitely try Union of Renegades for free at Kobo or download it from Brave Luck Books. Thousands of people over the years have fallen in love with my fiction and paid real money for the rest of the series. 


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