Monday, October 6, 2014

A Real Historical Case of a Werewolf Dying on Halloween?

Today I had the pleasure of being a guest writer at the blog of fantasy author C.L. Schneider.

Because I'm promoting my Werewolves in the Renaissance series, I wrote an article about Peter Stubbe, a famous real-life werewolf who was executed on October 31, 1589 in the German town of Bedburg.

He confessed under torture to using black magic and committing savage crimes while transformed into a werewolf. Of course torture makes me people say anything, and this era is infamous for torturing people into agreeing with whatever their torturers accused them of doing.

If Peter Stubbe was a vicious serial killer or an innocent victim, I can't be sure. But the gruesome historical account of his demise (that also included the execution of his mistress and daughter by the way) offered details that inspired my newest fictional endeavors.

Please read all the gory details in my article about him at C.L. Schneider's blog

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