Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Portrait Artist of Famous Movie Villains Seeking Commissions

I met a talented artist recently on Twitter. Mari Trini of Spain is a tremendous portrait artist. Watch her video so you can appreciate the thought and care she puts into each work of art.The video is in Spanish, but it has English subtitles.

The collection she is discussing with the interviewer is based upon 14 villains in movies. I agree with her when she says that her portrait of Salma Hayek in her role as real life villain Martha Beck is one of her most powerful pieces. Working with her lover, Martha Beck became notorious for luring her victims to their deaths with personal ads. They were called the Lonely Hearts Killers.

Mari Trini is actively seeking fine art commissions. Those in need of realistic portraits with emotional depth should contact her to discuss their projects. Contact her by email at her blog.

From Mari Trini's blog I'm sharing a portrait of David Dastmalchian. 

Here is a nice Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson digital painting. 

Mari Trini is deeply inspired by many classic films. 

Here is a painting of James Stewart as Colorado Jim. 

Mari Trini is a true artist. I can see that art is part of her soul and lifestyle. It's always good to see someone honoring their talents.

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