Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kobo Data Reveals Most Finished Book is Self Published

An ebook readership data analysis just revealed by retailer Kobo contained an interesting surprise. The title that earned the highest rate of reader completion was Rotten to the Core self published by Casey Kelleher.

So much for the notion that self published automatically means bad. It does not. In this example it was the title Kobo readers found the most engaging. 

The article Haven’t Finished Reading that Bestseller? You're Not Alone at Publishing Perspectives also reported that some best-selling titles were among those with the highest rates of reader abandonment. 

For example only 44.4% of readers completed The Goldfinch by Donna Tart, a Pulitzer Prize winner. That prize might have gotten it enough attention to make the bestseller lists, but it proved unable to captivate over half of the people who bought it. The Goldfinch may very well be an intelligent work but that does not mean it's a good read. I often consider a big award a sign that the book might be dull. Awards are good ways to boost sales. That's why they exist. 

Sometime bestsellers are great books. Sometimes they're not. Popularity arises for many reasons, and quality is not the determining factor. 

Ultimately what readers find comes down to individual tastes. People often buy bestsellers because they are visible. Then some of those people end up not liking the book enough to finish it. 

I really appreciated the data shared by Kobo. I was encouraged to see that readers finished their fantasy books 60 percent of the time. 

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