Sunday, December 21, 2014

You Will Not Find My Fantasy Books on Kindle Unlimited

If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, please be aware that none of my novels will be available through that program. Amazon prohibits me from participating in that program because I do not sell my ebooks exclusively through Amazon. Therefore Kindle Unlimited subscribers may not access my titles with their subscription.

I know that I've connected with many readers over the years at Amazon. That's why I wanted to make sure everyone understood why my fantasy ebooks aren't part of the subscription service. Because I choose to market my creations to a global audience through all available retail outlets, Amazon limits my availability to its customers.

So if you've been waiting for my novels to appear at Kindle Unlimited, their absence is not my choice. I'm generally happy to sell my ebooks through any venue. My complete catalog has been available to subscribers at Scribd and Oyster all year. From what I've received for compensation from Scribd and Oyster, I feel that I am fairly paid by those services. However, I've read that some authors are unhappy with what they are paid from Kindle Unlimited. I can't say for myself because I'm not there.

For people who read on their Kindles you'll need to purchase my ebooks the regular way to read them. My titles may never be part of Kindle Unlimited.

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