Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nook Loses Market Share But My Fantasy Books Still Sell There

Coverage of digital reading ebook topics tends to be harsh with Barnes & Noble. The brick-and-mortar retailer followed Amazon's entry into the ebook market with its Nook line of ereaders and tablets. Although things started out a little promising, the market share for Nook has been shrinking, and Barnes & Noble wants to ditch Nook like it's a geeky girl it only let hang around with it because it felt sorry for her. The company plans to split Nook into its own company.

A recent PC World article reported the grim news that Nooks did not fly off the shelves for Christmas. Sales of devices, accessories, and content burbled down the drain with a 55.4 percent decrease in sales compared to the 2013 holiday season.

Barnes & Noble wants to focus on its print book retail operations, which I suppose is reasonable. B&N has never been particularly "into" the internet.

It's a shame B&N is fizzling in the ebook marketplace. I've sold thousands of dollars worth of ebooks for Nook over the years. The Nook audience has always been particularly responsive to my work and I appreciate those readers. How they ever found my books within the notoriously unsearchable Nook store is beyond me, but I gained lots of readers there. I still do. I sell at least 1 ebook to a Nook customer every day, and often more.

I really do lament the apparent decline of Nook. I hope it hangs on as a viable marketplace. I still make money there. I even own a Nook and like it. Buying ebooks on it is easy, and it's always easy to sideload ebooks from independent sources on it.

Oddly about a year ago, I noticed my Nook always directing me to Google Play whenever I opened an ebook that was not from the Nook store. This made me notice Google Play, which is up and coming as big global ebook market. All android devices point people toward it, so I've been giving Google Play more emphasis in my marketing. It's accessible to people regardless of what type of Android tablet they buy. I still want to communicate with Nook readers as well, but I fear they are drifting away to other platforms.

Retailers come and go I suppose. As an author and publisher I just have to keep positioning my content where people want to shop. My sales have been growing at Google Play, so I'm hoping to recover the erosion of market share at Nook.

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