Saturday, January 10, 2015

Terrible 100+ Vehicle Accident on I-94 Was Certain to Happen

Yesterday morning when I heard the news on a local radio station that I-94 between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek was closed both ways, I was not surprised. The fact that it was closed on both sides of the freeway struck me as extraordinary, but considering the slick roads, low temperatures, and frequent snow showers yesterday, bad accidents were to be expected.

As I suspected, both massive wrecks occurred during white-out conditions. Pile ups took place near exits 88 and 92. This is very close to where I live. To go to my house you take exit 95.

Above I selected a video from YouTube because it shows the horror of one of the pile ups in progress. I teared up while watching it. This isn't the somewhat sanitary after-the-fact stuff you'll see on TV news. This video is tragedy in progress. I also noted that the news reports failed to mention the lunatic amount of semis on this freeway.

Although I lived in California for 12 years and know how to handle big-time traffic, I swear that I-94 in Michigan is the most dangerous freeway I've driven on. It's consistently terrifying due to the very high percentage of semi trucks that use it. Often there are MORE semi trucks than passenger vehicles on the highway. Driving it is a nightmare, especially if you're trying to get on the highway and a string of three or four or more semis is in your way.

So far I've heard of one person who died in the pile up. Hopefully no more people will die. I'd love to say that I'll avoid this freeway, but I'm sure to be on it when I go to Detroit next weekend. 

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