Friday, February 27, 2015

New 5-star review at iBooks for Werelord Thal

It is always a pleasure to get feedback from a happy reader. I saw that Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale recently received another 5-star review at the iBooks U.S. store.

The reader called it a "great adventure" and added that "The love story between Thal and Altea was good although it was a bit short"

I thought I would comment about the love story being short. It's a fair comment. As a writer I've been trying to make my novels a little shorter. Werelord Thal was my 9th novel and came it at around 160,000 words. Not a little one, but certainly shorter than my other 8 epic fantasies that I wrote before it.

The love story between Thal and Altea was only one part of the story I was telling. Although my stories have romantic elements for sure, romance is not the only aspect of my storytelling. I had so much I wanted to accomplish in Werelord Thal. I had to research its 16th century setting in Bohemia and craft a historically authentic narrative. I also explored witch hunting, academia, the Jesuits, Gypsies, nobles fomenting for Protestantism, traveling musicians, and a Condottiere leader of mercenaries.

Perhaps I could have given Thal and Altea a little more time for the romance to build, but they were caught up in hectic and dangerous circumstances that thrust them into each other's arms.

The new review at iBooks mentioned a desire to "see their relationship grow in book two." Now that the sequel Journey of the Hunted is published, I can say that their relationship does develop, and I have some shocking things planned for their third adventure if I can get my life under control enough so I can sit down and write it.

Until then, there are 2 complete novels now in the Werewolves in the Renaissance series.

Werelord Thal is free at numerous outlets as ebook. 

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