Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Union of Renegades Hits No. 1 in Fantasy Romance at Kobo

Last night I noticed that Union of Renegades had made a big jump in the epic fantasy and fantasy romance charts at Kobo Books. My novel had been doing well since summer, first entering the top 50 and then staying around the top 20 in recent months. And then this morning it showed up at number 1 in the fantasy romance category!

It's always a thrill for an author to see a novel hit number one in anything. I hope the people reading Union of Renegades are enjoying it. The story has strong elements of epic adventure and magic along with a romance between the hero and heroine. He's a disgruntled military officer and she's a slave trying to escape the onslaught of the brutal empire he serves.

I suspect it has gotten some extra love because publishers are waiting until closer to Valentine's Day to release new titles, especially in the romance category. This is only speculation. Whatever the reason Union of Renegades is doing so well, it deserves to be there. Over the years thousands of people of enjoyed it along with the rest of the books in the series.


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