Tuesday, March 31, 2015

25% Off Hardcovers of Rys Rising fantasy series

Fans of my fantasy series Rys Rising have a chance between now and April 2nd to save 25 percent on hardcovers. I produce these hardcovers at the print-on-demand company Lulu that does a nice job making case-wrapped books with the art printed directly on the binding.

They are $24 each, and the coupon code will reduce them to $18 each.

When shopping at Lulu, use coupon code FOOLME at checkout to reduce the cover price by 25 percent. The code is also supposed to give you 50 percent off ground shipping.

Rys Rising Hardcover at Lulu

Savage Storm Hardcover at Lulu

New Religion Hardcover

Love Lost Hardcover

If you enjoyed the series and consider my books worthy of precious shelf space, please take advantage of this sale. You could also give one or all of them as a nice gift.

I set up these hardcovers to produce durable copies for myself. Although I connect with most of my readers through ebooks, I need physical representations of my work for my own shelf. I refer to them as my trophies.

If you're interested in paperbacks, please order them through Amazon. These are made by Createspace, which I think does a superior job on the paperbacks than Lulu. 

Below you can enjoy an excerpt from the first book in the series Rys Rising. I have it set up through Slide Share if you would like to share it.

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