Sunday, March 22, 2015

Judgment Rising only $0.99 at Google Play Books

If you're in the middle of reading The Rys Chronicles fantasy series, this is the best time to grab the third book, Judgment Rising, on Google Play. Its price is reduced to $0.99 from $4.99 until the end of March.

Judgment Rising is a sweeping epic fantasy that pits an expanding human empire against the magical rys. The humans only think they have a chance because they are allied with ancient enemies of the rys. They are two tabre who have emerged from thousands of years of hibernation to take their revenge for the destruction of their realm.

Right now, this novel is $0.99 at Google Play worldwide. The sale price will be converted to other currencies. 

The novel opens five years after the events in Union of Renegades and The Goddess Queen. Although it is steeped in the events that preceded it, I designed the story so that it would be interesting to people even if they had not read the other two books. It introduces some new characters and gives the older characters new challenges to overcome. 

About the novel:

To the victors go the spoils, and Shan and Dreibrand have flourished for five years as the leaders of their respective kingdoms. Allied by friendship, they greet the future with excitement and grandiose plans.

Dreibrand counts on his relationship with Shan to protect him from the encroaching Atrophane Empire as he carefully avoids direct confrontation with his former countrymen, now under the undisputed leadership of his old rival Sandin Promentro.

But a greater malice than imperial ambition threatens the new lords of the Wilderness. The long dead civilization of Nufal, where Dreibrand and Miranda nurture their fledgling kingdom, has not forgotten the brutal genocide of its ancient war with the rys. The ghosts of Nufal may have been extinguished but their avengers remain. The inheritors of Onja’s wealth and lands will now battle the nightmare of their judgment rising. 

On sale through March 31st for 99 cents at Google Play

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