Friday, March 6, 2015

Make this the year you learn home canning with my short 99-cent ebook guide

For part of my adult life I was jealous of people who could can fruits and vegetables at home. I admired their beautiful jars of peaches and relish. As a person who has always enjoyed growing food, home canning loomed as an important skill for me to learn.

So one day I got over my fears of putting up jars of food poisoning and taught myself home canning. I reasoned that it could not be that difficult. Mason jars are for sale everywhere and millions of people do it all the time.

Just like me you can easily acquire the skills to become a home canner, using at least a boiling water bath and maybe one day even a pressure canner. The pressure canner by the way does a divine job on tomato sauce and also enables you to can soups, stocks, and other low-acid foods.

I share my knowledge in a short ebook. It's a fast read and contains the advice you need to start preserving food at home. Whether you get the information from my ebook or someone else's book, just know that to successfully put up food safely all you need to do is:


This mostly means you process the food for the time required. Easy.

About the Home Canning Guide For Everyone Who Eats by Tracy Falbe

(If you're eyeballs are busy, this guide is also a home canning audiobook.)

Preserve the bounty of your garden, support local growers, claim total control over ingredients, increase your food security, and enjoy great tasting foods that beat the pants off of anything from a factory. All of this is possible with home canning, and you are absolutely capable of mastering this easy-to-learn and affordable food preservation method. Once the commonplace domestic art of most households, home canning faded for a while but is again attracting a new generation of enthusiasts. This short guide quickly presents everything you need to know to safely preserve delicious foods like jams, fruits, relishes, pickles, soups, and most importantly tomatoes. Nothing at the store tastes as good as homemade tomato sauce preserved from tomatoes the day they were picked at the perfect peak of ripeness. Stop wondering if you could can food in your home kitchen and start doing it. This guide is written from the direct experience of the author who uses both the boiling water bath and pressure canning methods to preserve a variety of foods.

This guide specifically addresses how to use a boiling water bath and a pressure canner. You will also learn how to easily decide which one you should use for any specific food. The principles of safety and how to prevent food spoilage are explained. A selection of recipes for popular foods is also included with a detailed emphasis on ways to preserve tomatoes and applesauce. Advice on ways to find affordable fresh local produce is also offered. If you are interested in affordably improving the quality of the food you eat, supporting local food, and expanding the productivity of your home garden, then you definitely need to learn home canning.

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