Friday, June 12, 2015

Free Fantasy Box Set at Nook gets 5 stars

The Beginnings Box Set at Nook combines the first books of my three fantasy series. It's a big box set containing Rys Rising: Book I, Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I, and Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale.

This is a lot of free entertainment. I promise you that. Its first 5-star rating was accompanied the by the message "too many pages." That's fair I suppose.

The other 5-star review is much more glowing, if somewhat hostile to the publishers that rejected me. However, it was immensely pleasurable for me to read it. To quote:

"How stupid are the publishers that refused to publish her books! I am 60 years old and have read sci-fi and fantasy my whole life and read alot of bad books and this is a GOOD BOOK. I am hooked and recommend you read this i will gladly buy her books"

Once upon a time, I spent 4 years trying to get a contract with a publishing company. I queried all the viable publishers and agents who dealt in fantasy. At one point I even received a terse reply from DAW Books saying that Union of Renegades had passed the first reading and had been given to a senior editor. Of course, I never heard back, but I pushed on and used this little snippet of information to send another round of queries to agents to try and get someone to look at me. One agent finally replied and requested sample chapters. He sent them back quickly with the comment that it didn't make him "have pictures in his head."

This comment has always galled me over the years because one of the most frequent comments I get from readers who enjoyed my books was that the reading experience was like a movie in their heads.

I don't miss the pointless querying of agents. I moved onto self publishing many years ago. I can hope to break out some day and maybe attract some kind of lucrative deal from a company that can bring something to the table. I am a fantasy author after all. I can imagine things that won't really happen.

But until then, if you're looking to get wrapped up in the big huge epic problems of other people who sometimes solve problems with violence, you can try the Beginnings Box Set: Three Fantasy Series Starters.

It's free at:


I haven't loaded the box set into Google Play yet, but each title is free individually there if you'd like to visit my author page and pick them up.

Additionally, all three series starters are also free at my website Brave Luck Books in multiple ebook formats.

Sorry, Amazon doesn't allow me to give it away at the Kindle store, and has not seemed inclined to price match competitors, but you can always ask.

Or pick up the Kindle format for free at Smashwords or Brave Luck Books. 

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