Sunday, June 14, 2015

Join the Google Play multi-author promotional event

I know I'm not alone among authors who are connecting with readers at the Google Play Books Store. Since adding my titles in November, I've earned many ratings, reviews, and lots of sales too.

Because most of my novels are in series, offering readers a free first book works well. Although it's nice to be available at Google's store to readers in over 60 countries, it would be even better if I had some options for marketing my presence there.

I've heard that Book Bub, a popular book recommendation service, includes Google Play Books, but you have to pay a lot of money to appear on its lists, and that's if they approve your application. Rejections are common.

So, I've decided to reach out to other authors and create a humble online book marketing event so more readers will be able to browse and discover books at the Play Store.

My idea is to collect submissions from other authors so I can create a blog post listing their Google Play ebook deals alongside mine. A list with multiple types of books from different authors is more likely to compel someone to take a look than an offering from a single author. The blog post will also attract search engine traffic. It may not be much, but people interested in Google Play deals will trickle in over weeks and months. We can also build synergy by cross-promoting the event and alerting more readers online to our special offers by working together.

I'd like to launch the event on the solstice June 21st.

To participate you need:

  • To enter a title that is available on Google Play Books.
  • A title priced $4.99 and under, including free
  • To be willing to support the promotion by sharing it in social media and/or blogging about it at your own blog. 
After you sign up, I'll follow up with more information. My goal is to make this relatively easy for you to participate. I'm also interested in making connections with authors interested in participating in more group promotions like this for other retailers.

Signs Up closed.

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