Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Coupon Codes for 10 Fantasy Novels Equal Great Summer Reading

The Smashwords Summer/Winter sale is in full swing and lasts through July 31st. Ebook readers worldwide can enjoy lots of free downloads and discounted ebooks during this sale.

All of my fantasy novels are included in the promotion. Three of my series begin with free ebooks and the sequels are all 25% off this month when you checkout with the coupon code SSW25. (The code is on my book pages at the retailer too.)

I have a total of 10 fantasy ebooks available at Smashwords, a retailer that sells my books worldwide in all popular ebook formats. You don't have to be in the U.S. or have a specific type of tablet to get the ebook you want.

Browse all my novels and get some great summer reading for free or at 25% off.

Werewolves in the Renaissance - historical fantasy

Rys Rising - epic fantasy

The Rys Chronicles - epic fantasy

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