Wednesday, August 19, 2015

80% Off Super Series Summer Sale at Kindle, Google Play, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords

UPDATE Sale extended through Labor Day

Late August in North America means soaking up the last of summer's hot days before vacation season winds down and the kids go back to school. It's not too late to relax with a great fantasy series that will take you away from your problems. Students can indulge in an epic saga before they have to spend their time doing homework. People who aren't in school can load up on ebooks to enjoy before summer is over or save them for those cozy autumn nights that are just around the corner.

Right now the Super Series Summer Sale is going on through August 26th. As well as getting Rys Rising: Book I for free, you can save 80 percent on Savage Storm, New Religion, and Love Lost, which are $0.99 each instead of $4.99 right now. 

This is an across the board sale with discounts available at:

Brave Luck Books
Google Play

About the Rys Rising fantasy series by Tracy Falbe

Enthralling readers from many angles, Rys Rising is a saga spanning four years and drawing together a stunning cast of characters.

You'll enter a fantasy world...

- Encompassing two human civilizations.

- Where magical beings dominate human societies.

- Divided by intense rivalries.

- Where a hero endures all challenges no matter how they darken his soul.

- Where lust and passion add to the sweetness of life.

- Driven by family loyalties.

Check out this excerpt from Savage Storm

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