Monday, October 12, 2015

Good News! My Paperbacks are coming to Amazon in Canada

The baffling exclusion of Canada from distribution through Amazon by Createspace is coming to an end. I just received an email that my paperback books that are sold through Amazon in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain will now be available to Canadian book readers at

It might take as long as 30 days for the paperback listings to appear, but I just checked and some of my novels are appearing in print at the Canadian Amazon store.

The first two books of the Werewolves in the Renaissance series are there.

This exciting historical fantasy begins in Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale and continues in Journey of the Hunted. I'm currently in the process of writing the third part of the trilogy, Werewolf Castle.

About Werelord Thal

Thal embodies the ancient magic of the pagan past. He challenges a world conquered by a spiritual system that denies the flesh and forgets the Earth.

Although wanted for Devil worship and shape shifting, he still boldly walks the streets of 16th century Prague. Jesuits hunt him. Mercenaries fear him. Musicians sing his praise, and women are captivated by his alpha swagger.

Paperback at Amazon Canada.

About Journey of the Hunted

The folklore beliefs of the 16th century Renaissance come wildly to life in the werewolf hero Thal. Created by the infamous sorcerer Sarputeen, Thal now battles the dark servants of Tekax, wizard to the Turks and nemesis of Sarputeen. While escaping the Holy Roman Empire, Thal discovers more about his werewolf powers as he struggles to reach a refuge shrouded in mystery.

Paperback at Amazon Canada.

These novels are also available for Kindle owners in Canada. In addition to Kindle, I've read that Kobo is a popular retailer of ebooks in Canada. All of my titles are in the Kobo store too. You can even read Werelord Thal for free there

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