Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The first book I wrote in Michigan

As a novelist deeply inspired by the natural world, the places I have lived contribute to the foundation of my writing. I grew up in Michigan and now live here again after 14 years in Nevada and California.

After publishing 10 fantasy novels over the years, I got to thinking about where I lived when writing them. Four of them were authored while I lived in Michigan.

The first one was New Religion. I began writing this third part of the Rys Rising series in 2009, the year I moved back to my home state after my sojourn. Moving across the country with a young family was a terribly stressful situation. Moving is always a pain in the ass, but add preschoolers, a house on the market in California in the midst of a real estate collapse, and unreliable internet access to the mix, and I was having above-average mental health issues.

As usual, writing was my best solace. After much turbulence, I set aside time each day to write New Religion. This novel was at the heart of my epic tragedy, the Rys Rising series. Considering the dark, violent, and desperate action that drives this novel, writing it immediately made me feel like I was back on track, at least for those hours when its necessary composition gripped me.

Taking time to do something that gives you creative release and lets you achieve a mental state of flow is priceless. Whatever that activity is for you, I suggest you take time for it. And if you don't know what it is, start trying new things.

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