Sunday, February 21, 2016

Author D. Allen Rutherford praises Rys Rising in a Podcast interview

I received some positive word of mouth on an episode of the Speculative Fiction Cantina. The guest was D. Allen Rutherford, author of Wargs: Curse of Misty Hollow. At 58:43 minutes into the interview, when talking about authors that he enjoyed, he mentioned me. He said that he liked Rys Rising and loves the way I write the fantasy series.

I'm very flattered to receive such praise out of the blue. It reminds me that my stories reach people all the time.

I listened to Rutherford's entire interview and his Wargs Trilogy sound tremendously interesting and exciting.

He develops these stories upon existing genetic engineering technologies that make hybrid plants and animals. For his purposes, human and wolf hybrids have been created.

About the Wargs Trilogy from his website:

The Wargs Trilogy is a SciFi Thriller that follow the exploits of Dr. Mathew Kershaw, a college professor on a quest to find and document a new species of wolf.  While investigating an attack on a forest ranger by what is described as strange or unusual wolves he becomes an unwitting player in a battle between transgenic wolves and therianthropes which takes place in an isolated village nestled deep within the American Northwest Wilderness.

As well as being sold at Nook and iBooks, Wargs: Curse of Misty Hollow has earned glowing 5-star reviews at Amazon.

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