Friday, February 5, 2016

Kobo Books Offers $10,000 prizes to Canadian Authors

Kobo Books, an international ebook retailer that distributes my titles, has announced a writing prize for Canadian authors that debuted a novel in 2015. Qualifying titles must be for sale at the Kobo site. Both publishers and self publishers may submit entries in the categories of Romance, Nonfiction, and Literary Fiction.

The winner in each category will receive $10,000 and merchandising love in the Kobo store. 

Authors or publishers that wish to enter a title have until March 11, 2016 to apply at

I thought I'd spread the word about this although I can't enter because my books aren't in the right categories and I don't live in Canada. My novels are epic fantasy or historical fantasy. They've earned some good ratings from readers.

All my series start with a free ebook, so there's no risk in picking one up to read. See my novels at Kobo.

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