Sunday, February 14, 2016

Seeking Like-Minded Authors For Multi-Author Promotional Box Set Publication

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to participate in a promotional ebook box set, then I’m interested in making that happen for you, myself, and others.

To introduce myself, I’m Tracy Falbe, and I’ve been an indie author for years. I have 10 novels published right now – 8 epic fantasies and 2 historical fantasies. They sell modestly at all retail channels and I’ve earned good reviews.

I’ve recently been lucky enough to participate in a box set produced by Paper Gold Publishing. The results have encouraged me, and I’d like to use this marketing tactic again.

So, I’m prepared to take on the publishing duties and seek authors interested in collaborating on a box set. Realistically, you can expect to gain a few new readers, recoup your small investment, and pocket some money. Best case, we’ll do better than that, but I can’t promise much.

Because this box set obviously is intended as a promotional tool across multiple retail channels, it won’t have access to the promotional opportunities given those who participate in Kindle Select. Eventually, I’d like to develop a different box set to place in Select in the future. 

Box Set Goals

1. To increase discoverability at the following retail channels:

- Amazon Kindle

- Smashwords and its distribution partners Nook, iBooks, and Kobo.

- Google Play Store

- I will also sell the box set at my websites.

2. To create a box set featuring 5 to 10 authors including myself.

3. To market the collection as a $0.99 bargain ebook. This price point seems to get a lot of attention and can generate good sales. However, I am open to the discussion of higher price points. We’re worth it!

4. Create a theme for the box set. Because of the genres I write in, the project will need to have a fantasy focus. Possible theme ideas for this first project are assassins, warriors, magical races, etc.

5. This box set will continue indefinitely and serve as a promotional vehicle for participants and a source of revenue. That said, I’m open to the idea of having a set term, like one year, for the box set if participants want to do that.

Project Details

1. Participating authors will pay for production costs. I’m planning to keep the individual contribution in the $20 to $30 range. This will help pay for cover design. If anything is left over, I’ll put it toward promoting the box set.

2. Once a cover is developed, I’ll enter the box set into the assetless preorder system at Smashwords for distribution to its retail partners.

3. I’ll format the box set interior and upload the file to all retail sites. I’ll establish a preorder at Kindle and Google Play as soon as possible.

4. I’ll help coordinate the group efforts of participating authors to enable promotional efforts. This could be managed as a private Facebook group. Our combined efforts on social media and our individual marketing channels should create greater visibility for the box set and drive sales.

5. After the release, I’ll keep records of sales at all channels. Proceeds will be split equally among all participants, including myself. I’d prefer to pay everyone via PayPal. I’ll pay monthly once the sales at Kindle and Google Play get rolling. Payments to me for this box set from Smashwords will occur quarterly and those proceeds will be paid out the month they arrive in.