Monday, March 21, 2016

Dark Fantasy Preorder on Kindle - Lessons Learned

I'm pleased to announce that I have a new title about to release in the Kindle store on April 30th. My life has been a little rocky the last couple years, which has impeded progress on my writing, but Lessons Learned is a short story I wrote several years ago. I dusted it off and took another look at it. I was pleased with its quality and prepared it for exclusive release on Kindle.

The short story derives from the Rys World, which is the setting for eight of my epic fantasy novels. In Lessons Learned, I present a crucial episode from the back story for Shan, one of the main characters in The Rys Chronicles.

Lessons Learned is a dark fantasy with strong emotions. Shan will experience a pivotal moment in his development as a worker of high magic. His abilities are superior to the rest of the rys, except for Onja, who rules them all. She means to twist Shan to her purposes, and, in the process, he endures some hard lessons.

The short story can be preordered at Amazon for automatic delivery to your Kindle on April 30th. It will also be available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Lessons Learned: A Rys World Short Story is only $0.99. 

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Although Lessons Learned will only be sold by Amazon right now, all of my other works of fiction are available at all ebook retailers, including my website Brave Luck Books.

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