Monday, March 14, 2016

Free Ebooks for Fantasy Fans from Kobo Books

Fantasy readers can be fussy when picking out a new series, and rightfully so, but my novels might offer you a refreshing alternative. I'm not ruled by formulas, and I don't just write the "young orphan boy or girl discovers magic powers and must save the world..." story. Although that can be a great story, it's just not the only possibility.

My characters tend to fall under the New Adult label, but there are people of all ages involved. In The Rys Chronicles, which spans seven years in the characters' lives, my characters develop with age.

My storytelling approach involves showing the drama from many viewpoints. As a series progresses, I weave together the adventures of the characters.

At Kobo Books, people worldwide can sample any of my series for free because each series starts with a free ebook.

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