Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Rys Chronicles on sale at Kobo Books - Complete fantasy box set

When the real world gets you down, a good book can take you away from it all. This weekend, you have a great opportunity to pick up a fantasy box set at Kobo Books. Through 5/31, The Rys Chronicles Complete Series is only $6.99 or its foreign currency equivalent in the Kobo store.

This box set includes four full-length novels: Union of Renegades, The Goddess Queen, Judgment Rising, and The Borderlands of Power. It's over 600,000 words, and it's certain to keep you caring about its many characters as they face challenges in a world set aflame by warring magical beings and a rapacious human empire.

In addition to the sale price on this box set, you'll find all of my fantasy novels at Kobo. I have 10 titles out within 3 different series. Prices have been reduced on all of the ebooks this weekend, and here's the best part:

I have 3 free ebooks at the Kobo Store!

So, pick up The Rys Chronicles for $6.99 or 3,600 super Kobo points or look over all of my fantasy books

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