Sunday, June 26, 2016

Barnes & Noble has a good idea - add alcohol-serving restaurants to stores

The retail struggles of Barnes and Noble Inc. have been the poster child for illustrating Amazon's internet dominance in book retailing.

The company, which has a long history of inhibiting its internet appeal with both online shoppers and ebook buyers, has just come up with a concept that might boost in-store sales. Bloomberg reported that B&N has created a new restaurant group and plans to open eateries that serve alcohol in Eastchester, New York; Edina, Minnesota; Folsom, California; and Loudon, Virginia.

Having people in your retail space who have been loosened up with some alcohol would definitely boost impulse buys, especially of those flashy titles that are the print equivalent of clickbait.

I know that having a bit of an alcohol buzz makes me want to buy books. Long ago, when I was childless and had income that I could dispose of on myself instead of whining ingrates,  I'd love to settle in for an episode of the Daily Show after an evening of writing after work. I'd have a drink while I watched the show. And about once a month, I would become enamored with some author guest and go to my computer and order his or her book from Amazon.

Alcohol simply makes you more inclined to go after what you want. Of course, wanting is not the same as having, but, in retail, the buying is what matters.

Despite its desire to transform itself into a tipsy meat market for lonely bibliophiles buying impressive books to impress each other, Barnes & Noble is still managing to exist on the internet.

Even after the demise of the Nook ereader, I continue to sell ebooks day in and day out at the Nook Store.

So, if you'd like to drink in private, or you prefer to browse a vast online selection instead of the lowest-common-denominator du jour that is the world of a chain bookstore, look for my novels in the Nook store.

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