Sunday, July 31, 2016

New Multi-Author $0.99 Box Set Releases for Barnes & Noble Nook

Outcast Journeys: Fantasy & Sci Fi Box Set from Eight Great Authors offers readers 9 novels and novellas from an international group of indie authors. I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with talent from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia to create this exciting ebook deal.

If you love adventures set in fantastic worlds, you’ll get hours of enjoyment out of Outcast Journeys. With over 600,000 words of content, you’re certain to find one or more stories that take you away from mundane problems.

Although the media loves to bash Barnes & Noble, the company’s Nook store remains my third best source of ebook sales. That’s why I’ve chosen to distribute this multi-author production at many ebook retailers. I know they’re many readers who appreciate access to content on multiple platforms.

If you’re ready to explore new worlds and hopefully discover a new favorite author, then get your copy of Outcast Journeys for only $0.99.

It Releases on August 2nd at the Nook Store. See the details about the great stories in this Nook fantasy and sci fi box set.

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