Monday, August 8, 2016

August Fantasy Box Set Finds for Amazon Kindle

Whether you want to get a value price on a whole series or discover new authors, ebook box sets allow you to save money and load up on reading entertainment. 

My box set finds in the Kindle store this week are:

With a 4.4 star rating after 128 reviews, The Dragon Stone Trilogy by Kristian Alva deserves some attention.

Outcast Journeys: Fantasy & Sci Fi Box Set by Eight Great Authors is a new release. Join in the adventures of heroes and heroines created by an international group of eight talented authors. Outcast Journeys brings together nine novels and novellas set in fascinating realms of the imagination.

Gods & Heroes brings together a talented crew of 6 fantasy authors. Heroic fantasy at its finest! Elves, mages, the undead, dragons, outlaws, and heroes—find everything you love in a great adventure in this bundle of 7 full-length novels.

Legacy has proven popular with readers. Sixty-eight reviewers have left it with a 4.3 star rating. You'll get 10 fantasy novels in one $0.99 digital package.

Fancy some coming-of-age young adult fantasy? Get it in the box set of The White Hart series. Born a lowly peasant girl, Mae has to come to terms with being the only person left in the world with the ability to use magic.

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