Friday, September 30, 2016

Over 100 Free Ebooks for Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

This weekend is your big chance to find something new to read and not have to pay anything. That way you'll be able to buy something pumpkin spicy to enjoy while you curl up with a new fantasy or sci fi ebook.

Author Patty Jansen prepares a big list of free ebooks every month. Her current collection features ebooks that will be free on October 1st and 2nd. Some, like Rys Rising, are free all of the time, but others aren't, so you'll want to make your download decisions this weekend.

The free ebooks can be found at all retailers.

Google Play
Apple iBooks

Happy Reading!

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Impact of the Internet on Today’s New Authors

I’m pleased today to publish a guest post by Cassie, a blogger from Culture Coverage. She’s also published articles at sites like and Today, at Her Ladyship’s Quest, she examines the technological impact of computers and the internet on authors.

I remember hearing the internet was going to make books obsolete in the mid-2000s. Now that E.L. James has thrown that idea to the wind, all the would-be authors of tomorrow can breathe a sigh of relief because books are here to stay, even if they’re getting a technological upgrade.

From the chance to go viral to the ability to edit with ease, the impact of the internet on today’s authors is profound.

1.    More people get published.

With the rise of free e-books, especially with commerce sites like Amazon, writers have the opportunity not only to reach audiences they couldn’t before, but they can also self-publish with much less money on the front end. This means more people can be writers, and more books get written. By going paperless with e-books and advancing technologies like Virtual Private Networks that get around any geo-blocking restrictions, writers have a global audience, and they don’t have to worry about press, just about delivering a great story.

2.    Authors connect with readers.

If you’re a voracious online reader, you already know the internet has opened up great opportunities for authors and readers to connect where once they wouldn’t have been able to. Now, authors can get feedback instantly, and readers can shape the future narratives. Take J.K. Rowling’s online Harry Potter world, for instance. Pottermore was created for Harry Potter readers who weren’t satisfied with the end of the series (which they expressed in online forums like Twitter and Tumblr), and Rowling did what any great author would: she supplied more material. Before the internet, fans wrote letters and attended book tours, but the connection between author and reader as it is in the modern world is something completely fresh.

3.    Editing is more flexible.

With word processors as the main tool of writers, from Microsoft Word to Google Docs, writing and editing have shifted dramatically. Now writers can move around paragraphs with ease and change storylines and flow with just a few clicks. While some writers would say this doesn’t affect their writing very much, in my mind’s eye, it makes our writing cleverer, more concise and produces ideas that are complete and well formed. What it doesn’t necessarily do is make them shorter (I’m talking to you, George R.R. Martin), but then again, no one ever wanted a great story to end.

4.    The chance to go viral is huge.

I’m going to bring up E.L. James again and also Stephenie Meyer and Hugh Howey. These writers all have a piece of their author pie out on the internet and, in many cases, wouldn’t be the authors they are today without them. Meyer and James reached the masses with their work when their daydreams made it onto the web and then exploded in popularity. Howey did something a little different and had his readers help transform the pages as they were being written, but all of them are resolutely authors of the digital age.

While it’s true that writing has changed dramatically and some of it not for the better, the absolute truth is that the internet has been a boon for today’s author. Now more than ever, it’s easier to write, easier to read and easier to spread your story to the world.

About the author
Cassie is a pop culture junkie and avid reader who loves to write about technology and books.  

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Outcast Journeys bundles 8 fantasy authors for $0.99 on iBooks

Maybe a lot of indie authors focus only on Kindle publishing, but many others make their works available in over 50 countries in the Apple iBooks store.

I've partnered with 7 other authors and produced an ebook for fantasy and sci fi fans that brings together 9 novels and novellas for only $0.99.  If you love fantasy or want to try a new genre, the value price on Outcast Journeys will give you an opportunity to read 8 authors new to you.

See Outcast Journeys: Fantasy and Sci Fi Box Set by Eight Great Authors at iBooks

From dragons to space ships, experience the trials and battles of memorable characters as they navigate magical worlds.

Box set written by Nathan Anton, Tiffany Cherney, Tara Maya, Scarlett Van Dijk, Tracy Falbe, Ashley Capes, Alex James & James T Kelly.

This box set brings together fiction by authors who have all received 4 and 5 star reviews at ebook retailers worldwide. 

In addition to being sold at Apple iBooks, you can also find Outcast Journeys at:


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Avid readers who like to stimulate their minds and feelings with fiction can also find other box sets at iBooks. 

I have a free one for you that combines the first book of the three series I've written. 

Enjoy the Beginnings Box Set - It's free at iBooks.

When you're ready to dive into a whole series, read The Rys Chronicles Complete Series. This saga covers seven years in the lives of characters who betray an empire, battle a tyrant, and struggle to form a new kingdom of their own. 

Read The Rys Chronicles at iBooks.

I'm planning more box set projects in the near future. If you're an author interested in collaborating with me on a box set, visit Falbe Publishing. I just added a post about my experience with box set publishing.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Oliver Stone creates powerful film about Snowden

I went to see Snowden at the theater last night. I wanted to see it right away because I worried that it might not be in theaters for long and that it will get bad reviews because of its subject matter that is controversial to my government. I wanted to support one of my favorite filmmakers, and I was not disappointed.

Oliver Stone crafted a gripping and thought-provoking docudrama that informed me about the moral crisis experienced by Snowden and his progression toward it as he matured from a young genius to an adult who had to change his life in order to feel comfortable with his actions.

I highly recommend watching this movie. The intensity of drama when the journalists are meeting with him in Hong Kong still has me on edge from last night. The stakes are high for all involved. They are in possession of stolen top secret material and literally facing assassination at any moment. They're only hope is to get approval from their publications to go public with Snowden's evidence and whistleblowing. International media coverage could potentially save the journalists.

This is a complex movie but the pace moves along very well. Because I'm only in the initial stages of processing what I viewed last night, I'll make some points about what stood out for me.

  • The CIA instructor, Corbin, who acted as Snowden's mentor and admitted him to the program was clearly trying to indoctrinate the young man to a certain worldview. He wanted to groom Snowden as a cyber warrior and convince him of how essential it was for him to apply his talents to this endeavor. Snowden was an idealist who very much believed in the value of his country and wanted to take action to defend it. This relationship between the older and younger man illustrated the vulnerability of youth to the leadership of an elder who was willing to cultivate talent for purposes that were not pure of heart.
  • The movie also did an excellent job of educating me about the vast scope of surveillance capabilities. I probably should not even write this movie review! All information on cell phones, social media, email, chat, and the internet along with the constant collection of face imagery from omnipresent cameras can be accessed and searched by intelligence agencies. Anyone can be manipulated based on information collected about one's self, relatives, friends, or colleagues. If anyone believes they have nothing to hide, they are hopelessly naive. You have no idea what might be considered an offense now or in the future.
  • I also appreciated the footage integrated into the movie that showed the protesters worldwide expressing their complaints in the street about mass surveillance. I had not been exposed to any of these images before. Mostly because I don't consume much propaganda and because this type of material is not distributed by U.S. mainstream media.
  • Although the movie did not harp upon the subject of drone warfare, it did make clear that blowing up targets in remote countries had nothing to do with the mass surveillance of U.S. citizens. How could it? The whole proposition is utterly ludicrous. 

I went to this movie because I admire Edward Snowden. When the news about what he did broke, I immediately recognized him as a true patriot for American freedom and ideals. Although I always knew that any of my online activities were never private, I now know how careful I must be. In a techno tyranny no one is safe ever.

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

English Language Ebooks available for Readers in South Africa

The rise of the internet and digital publishing has expanded choices for readers. Several years ago I had the pleasure of coming across author TC Southwell on Smashwords. She's a talented fantasy writer from South Africa who has developed quite a fan following worldwide with her numerous novels.

And, it appears, my own works of fantasy have been catching the eye of South African readers. Over the summer, I've noticed an uptick in free downloads of my novels at the Google Play store, particularly the epic fantasy Union of Renegades.

Google Play has been an important retail outlet for developing my global audience. People all over the world can download free items there and shop there. The store is accessible on desktop computers and any Android mobile devices. In addition to more people reading my free ebooks there, I've been getting sales in South Africa, usually of The Rys Chronicles box set, which bundles the complete series that starts with Union of Renegades at a value price.

For readers in South Africa looking to discover new authors, the Google Play store and Smashwords offer them access to an international selection of authors. Many fantasy authors, like me and Southwell, offer the first books in their series free. People who get hooked, go on to buy more titles. This income allows me to pay many of bills and buy my kids school clothes and other supplies.

See more about all of my ebooks at Google Play.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Fantasy and Science Fiction Ebooks for only $0.99 this weekend

This Labor Day weekend you have a chance to stock up on exciting science fiction and fantasy ebooks at low prices. Thanks to the lists created by Patty Jansen, you can browse $0.99 ebooks at your favorite online retailers. All of the ebooks will be $0.99 during the weekend of September 3rd and 4th.

Some of the ebooks like the multi-author box set that I produced, Outcast Journeys, are always $0.99. To find Outcast Journeys, look at the bottom of the listings under Box Sets & Collections.

Patty has kindly sorted everything by to retailer. Follow these links to see titles on sale where you like to shop.

Google Play

I'm sure you'll find something excellent to read.

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