Saturday, September 10, 2016

English Language Ebooks available for Readers in South Africa

The rise of the internet and digital publishing has expanded choices for readers. Several years ago I had the pleasure of coming across author TC Southwell on Smashwords. She's a talented fantasy writer from South Africa who has developed quite a fan following worldwide with her numerous novels.

And, it appears, my own works of fantasy have been catching the eye of South African readers. Over the summer, I've noticed an uptick in free downloads of my novels at the Google Play store, particularly the epic fantasy Union of Renegades.

Google Play has been an important retail outlet for developing my global audience. People all over the world can download free items there and shop there. The store is accessible on desktop computers and any Android mobile devices. In addition to more people reading my free ebooks there, I've been getting sales in South Africa, usually of The Rys Chronicles box set, which bundles the complete series that starts with Union of Renegades at a value price.

For readers in South Africa looking to discover new authors, the Google Play store and Smashwords offer them access to an international selection of authors. Many fantasy authors, like me and Southwell, offer the first books in their series free. People who get hooked, go on to buy more titles. This income allows me to pay many of bills and buy my kids school clothes and other supplies.

See more about all of my ebooks at Google Play.

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